My name is Aedan Lewis. I am interested in many different computer-related fields, such as coding, building computers, and image design. This entire site was made as a school project for my Junior year in highschool, 2022-2023. It combined the skills I learned in Web Design, UI design, and my various graphic design classes to populate the site. I was assisted by a few others in my class while working on this, however, all these images and the website were made by me.


This showcases the various different projects I have completed in Adobe Photoshop, mainly image editing.
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photo of business form


This showcases the projects I have completed in Adobe InDesign, including business cards, notepads, and fillable forms.
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photo of a vector RVHS sticker design


This showcases the various vector graphics that I have made in programs such as LXI or Adobe Illustrator.
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photo of HTML code

Web Design

This showcases the various different website-building skills that I have, including coding and design.
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photo of InDesign certification


This showcases the certifications I have gotten, including Adobe ones and HTML.
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